Advanced Orthopedic Treatment Services in Radford, VA

At Radford Orthopedic Center, we offer a wide range of specialized orthopedic services, including athletics and sports medicine, pediatric orthopedic services, orthopedic joint replacements, and many more. We have a full range of options and recommendations for our patients to choose from, and we also offer treatments incorporating the most recent advancements. Our experience also tells us that in many cases, a supervised exercise program can solve your orthopedic problems instead of surgery. We suggest and treat accordingly.

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Pediatric Orthopedics (Infants, Children, and Adolescent Medicine)

While most pediatric orthopedic cases involve the treatment of many of the same orthopedic conditions that affect adults, there are orthopedic conditions that are specific to children and adolescents. We are trained to treat our younger patients for all orthopedic conditions, including children's trigger finger releases, reconstruction for syndactily (web hands), and extra digits, infections, sprains, fractures, in addition to sports injuries.
Children and adolescents are not just small adults. We are experienced in Pediatric Orthopedics We give attention to the special needs of children and adolescents to ensure they safely get back to their usual activities.

Athletics and Sports Medicine

We have years of experience and provide up to date treatment of sports injuries at all levels.
We are proud to have served as team physicians for the Radford University Highlanders starting when Chuck Taylor took the first Radford Intercollegiate Basketball team onto the floor in 1976 and over the next 30 years. (Dr Gray since 1984).
We continue to serve athletes and students at the Radford University, Virginia Tech, New River Community College, and many high schools in the New River Valley and Southwest Virginia.
Our specialized experience and constantly updating in sports medicine and athletic injuries, non-operative and operative, including extensive experience in arthroscopic and minimally invasive techniques, lets us manage and treat issues effectively.
Jungle Gym, Bicycle, Skateboard, Trampoline, individual and team sports. Pre School thru Senior Games. Recreational through intercollegiate and beyond. We can get you going again.
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Newest Minimal Invasive Arthroscopic and Outpatient Surgery

In orthopedic cases requiring surgery, we offer the latest minimally invasive surgery, including arthroscopic and outpatient surgery, as an alternative to in-patient surgery.

In-Office Surgery

Is available or some minor procedures such as some skin lesions, small cysts, trigger fingers, dequevrains, some tendon releases, some wounds
Some problems can be treated safely effectively and economically in an outpatient office setting with local anesthesia.
Only cases where Safe Comfortable Local anesthetics are sufficient are performed in our office.
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Osteoarthritis Joint Salvage and Joint Sparing Techniques

For many issues, including osteoarthritis, joint salvage and joint sparing techniques are available. Strength training, therapy, bracing, medications, Cortisone, Zilretta (long acting “time release cortisone”) is often helpful. Multiple types of Visoelastic, and cartilage sparing salvage techniques can sometimes provide the necessary treatment and not overtreatment. In many situations, an exercise program, a brace, an orthotic, or a simple injection can be a solution .

Minimally Invasive Total Joint Replacement

We also offer advanced procedures like minimally invasive surgical techniques for total joint arthroplasty (replacements).
Such techniques can be performed with a minimal incision and a minimal hospital stay. Rehabilitation and long-term follow-ups are very important. We do all kinds of joint replacement and care for you and your implants by ourselves.

Most Advanced Joint Replacement Implants

With over 38 years of experience, we are highly trained in the most advanced surgical techniques. Dr. Gray has performed thousands of implant procedures, using the most effective and long lasting techniques, materials, and components. We help you decide if and when a joint replacement is right for you and provide implant fixation most likely to last.
We are cognizant of the more frequent need for revisions particularly with younger patients, and preplan our procedures for your continuity of care and your future care.
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Hand Wrist Elbow Shoulder Neck

Dr. Gray has extensive training and experience in treating orthopedic and neurological problems of both upper and lower extremities.
We do not limit our care to certain parts of the upper extremity, we treat neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, and finger issues.
Dr. Gray has done conservative and open upper extremity procedures from 1979/1984, and upper extremity arthroscopic procedures from their inception several decades ago.
Dr. Gray has had extensive training and decades of experience treating children's fractures as well as complex Hand problems including syndactyly (web fingers), polydactyly (extra fingers or toes), trigger fingers in children and adults, Dupytren’s contractures (severe fibrous bands in the hands or feet), tendon lacerations, and complex nailbed injuries.

Back Hip Knee Ankle Foot Toe

In addition to upper extremities and in the lower body; we care for back, knee, ankle, foot, and toe orthopedic problems.
As necessary, our effective treatments include an exercise program, gait modification, anti-inflammatory, braces, orthotics are effective treatments.
And in other cases, these problems can be addressed through more simple, sometimes arthroscopic, to more complex operative and/or rehabilitative procedures.
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Non Operative Spinal Care

We have not offered Spinal Surgical Procedures through our office for many years, but can treat many problems conservatively, and make appropriate referrals as needed.

Occupational Medicine

We are highly experienced in occupational medicine and serve on many of the compensation panels for our local industries.
We are sensitive to the needs of our patients who are unfortunate enough to have an on-the-job orthopedic problem and have years of experience in treatment, rehabilitation, and returning to their workplace safely.
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Osteoporosis Prevention

Osteoporosis is a prevalent and sometimes under-evaluated problem. However, the test to detect it is simple and painless, and our staff is highly qualified for bone density testing.
Dr. Gray has been certified in Bone Densitometry. We have an advanced Hologic Central DEXA Scanner for performing painless, noninvasive, accurate assessments of bone density. Low bone mineral density is a problem that can be treated with exercise regimens, vitamin, and mineral supplementation, and with medication. Successful treatment, however, is best started early before bone strength decreases and monitored to reduce fracture risk.
Our unit is also capable of whole body composition measurements.